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Using Magnets on the Brain to Bring Back Memories

New research is challenging the idea that working memory helps us remembers things through sustained brain activity. Instead, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found that our brains tuck less-important information away beyond the reach of the tools that typically monitor brain activity. The researchers then were able to bring that information back into […]

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Bringing Back Memories to Alzheimer’s Patients

Memory loss is one of the most well-known and heartbreaking consequences of Alzheimer’s disease. As Alzheimer’s starts to develop, episodic memory starts to decline. This means that the memory of personal experiences and events, and of the time, place and emotional context of those experiences starts to fade. Memory requires the ability to encode, consolidate, […]

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Ways To Exercise Your Brain

According to scientific research, keeping your brain active by doing brain exercises can cause your brain to maintain a greater number of neurons, commonly called a neuron reserve. These neurons can help you to maintain brainpower as you get older, and in some cases, can hold back the signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Many people do […]

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