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6 Things You Should Know About Progressive Mental Alignment

6 Things You Should Know About Progressive Mental Alignment Progressive Mental Alignment. When I first heard about this method, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. It ended up being the most important journey of my life. The more I learned, the more I discovered the answers to …

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Why Is It So Hard To Think About The Brain?

This is the abstract for one of the two talks that I gave last week in Búzios, Brazil for the SBNeC conference: “Why Is It So Hard To Think About The Brain?” The talk didn’t end up following this plan exactly, but all of the ideas are here. I had an incredible time at SBNeC […]

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How can I Improve Memory?

The memory is very precious to us as it is a window to the events that have taken place in our lives. It can be frustrating though when you remember something that occurred 20 years ago but not what you need to pick up at the store this afternoon. May people wish that they could […]

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Research Facts About E. Q.

Research on the predictive implication of E.I. over I.Q. was spurred by an initial publication on the subject which claimed that emotional intelligence may be “as potent, and at times more potent, than I.Q. What The Facts Are Much of this claim was founded on preceding research revealing that the predictive nature of I.Q. on […]

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Brain Food

Brain Food is any food that is actually considered to be an aid in a person’s intelligence. Therefore, brain food is food that affects your intelligence, creativity, memory, or any other intellectual part of your life.It might not be something that you are aware of, but the food that you eat actually does affect the […]

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