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Recreating Yourself With Radiant Thinking

Never forget that you have the ability to recreate yourself with the power of thinking positively. Positive thinking adds new meaning to your life, and helps you to recognize the many possibilities that await you. Negative thoughts can erase possibilities, and can make you believe that nothing good or productive will ever come your way again. However, positive thinking unlocks your brain from its stagnant state, and opens the floodgates of possibility that are all yours.
You will feel the change in yourself when negativity releases its grasp on your mind. You will no longer have that hopeless feeling, no longer fear the future, and no longer doubt yourself and your capabilities. Radiant thinking causes you to become aglow with the sensation of living a life that is totally fulfilling.


Without negative thoughts, you will feel more loving toward the world and all its inhabitants. This in turn can cause you to feel even more content and full of joy. Your dealings with others will have a different feel about them, and those in your world will approach you in a different manner, for they will be able to see the change in you. They may want such a change in their own life, so you must be prepared to tell others about the power of radiant and positive thinking.

You will look forward to each new day and the things you will be able to accomplish. Radiant thinking can fill you with a peaceful energy. So many times, people think they are energetic, but they crash at the end of the day. A frantic pace mixed with caffeine fools them into thinking that they have energy. Their mind, however, can tell the difference, and this is why their energy never seems to last long enough for them to accomplish lasting joy and peace. Again, do you see how the whole world could benefit from radiant thinking?
While you are beginning your journey into the world of radiant thinking, it is a good idea to try and take each day as a separate entity. Don’t think about the bills you need to pay, the car that needs a wash, the hole that the dog dug in the garden last weekend. Forget all those old memories that wash over you without warning, and leave you feeling empty and depressed. Be happy and cheerful, no matter what the circumstances. Take the time to enjoy the sunshine, the song of a bird, the caress of the wind on your cheek. Be at one with the world, and do not allow the negativity that is so pervasive in today’s environment to touch you in any way.


With practice, every day could be like this for you. Along with your positive affirmations, radiant thinking can rejuvenate you. Affirmations are perhaps the most powerful weapon you have in your quest for improving your brain power. Never take an affirmation lightly! Affirmations do work, though perhaps not as quickly as you would like for them to.
You may be interested to learn that you do not even have to utter an affirmation aloud for it to work, and work well. Whenever you simply think an affirmation, it precipitates a type of vibration deep within your subconscious mind. The vibrations will overwrite what was placed in our subconscious mind previously. Since the subconscious produces our attitude toward others and toward the world in general, and also have some bearing on our habits and behavior, it is easy to see how affirmations can help us to make our existence a positive one.
We are what we think! This has been proven time and time again, ever since the world has been inhabited by man. If you have a negative self image that is causing you to have negative thoughts, positive affirmations can help you to repair your state of mind and make it easier for you to embrace the art of radiant thinking.

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