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Proper Food and Exercise to Help Increase Brain Power

You’ve been told time and again, you are what you eat. If you eat a balanced and healthy meal, your body will benefit. You have also been told you need to get regular exercise. Aerobics can increase the intake of oxygen which is also good for you. But can these two factors actually help you increase your brain power?

The brain is an organ that thrives on oxygen. It will also react negatively to foreign substances or to the frequent intake of bad food or from a reduction of oxygen. By eating healthy meals, this may help the brain ward off the effects caused from a bad diet. Increasing your oxygen intake through exercise will also lead to optimal brain power.

But healthy foods are not all created equal with respect to the effects on the brain. You can eat healthy and it won’t adversely affect the brain, but it may not offer much benefits to the brain. Some food types such as fish rich in Omega 3, are believe to provide higher benefits than other types of food.

All too often, we are led to believe that certain diets can actually enhance our brains and make them function above normal capacity. There is nothing yet in the scientific community that is pointing to this conclusion. Does this mean that food and exercise don’t matter with respect to the brain?

We should try not to focus on enhancing our brains. Instead, focus on how to get it running in the most efficient manner possible. It’s similar to using synthetic oil in your car. The car won’t run better than it is manufactured to run. It will run at its most optimal by using this type of oil. The same is probably true of your brain. There is no evidence to suggest, as of yet, that it can go beyond its optimal level. The take away here is that your brain will benefit by eating the right foods and getting the proper amount of exercise.

The brain is a complicated organism. Who knows what we will discover about it in the future? Perhaps it does have some kind of ability to go beyond its own capabilities, under the right conditions. Food and exercise will continue to play an important role in this development. Luckily, research in this area is showing no signs of slowing down and is on the rise. As more information unfolds, we may be able to eradicate diseases or reduce their impact. Heck, we may even be able to train our brains fix itself.

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