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Product Review and Testimonials – What Makes Quantum Mind Power a More Effective Mind Programming Tool?

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    Do you know that the “Quantum Mind Power” program
    is probably one of the most effective mind
    programming tools you can ever find?

    As what the bestselling author Dr. Robert Anthony
    would say “…it makes the other ‘mind
    conditioning’ programs obsolete.”

    Why is it so? Let’s take a deep look at the
    EXCLUSIVE powerful technology behind–The Morry

    “The Morry Method” is a new brainwave entrainment
    technology originated by the creator of the
    “Quantum Mind Power” program, Morry Zelcovitch.

    Morry has been in this field of brainwave
    entrainment for more than 15 years. He is one of
    the few persons in the world who can claim to be
    a “certified Brainwave Entrainment
    Engineer/Specialist”. He is also a student of the
    world leading brainwave entrainment researcher–
    David Siever.

    He has tried every one of the brainwave
    entrainment product he can get his hands on, but
    with little success. The effects that these
    products have created are all temporary.
    Therefore, he decided to create something that
    produce REAL and PERMANENT results. After years
    of research and testing, “Quantum Mind Power”
    program was born.

    And the exclusive technology that morry used to
    create this program has been termed as “The Morry

    So what’s the difference between “The Morry
    Method” and other brainwave entrainment technolgies
    that are available on the market?

    Almost every one of the brainwave entrainment
    product, at the point of release of QMP, uses a
    brainwave simulation pattern called- Binaural.

    Dr. Gerald Oster, is generally recognized as the
    man to bring binaurals to popularity.

    In a 1973 issue of Scientific American, Dr.
    Gerald Oster examined how combining 2 pure tones
    resulted in a rhythmic beat which he called
    Binaural and Monaural Beats. In comparing
    Binaural beats against Monaural beats, Oster
    noted that Monaural beats were shown to elicit
    extremely strong cortical responses, which is the
    electrical activity responsible for entrainment.

    Oster concluded that while Binaural Beats
    produced very little neural response (because the
    depth of a Binaural Beat is only 3db or 1/10 the
    volume of a whisper), they could be useful in
    diagnosing certain neurological disorders.

    Unfortunately the guys with all the money are
    binaural merchants, that’s why almost all the
    products you can find use binaural.

    “The Morry Method” uses monaural and isochronic
    (even more powerful) tones, which are much more
    effective than binaurals at encouraging the
    “frequency following response” that is
    responsible for entrainment.

    In short, “The Morry Method” uses a proprietary
    protocol developed for presenting various
    stimuli to the brain and mind. The end result of
    this method is much “softer” on the
    brain/body system and offers a more natural
    incorporation of the “brain beats” (with their
    associated benefits) as well as any presented
    information (i.e. meditations, hypnosis,
    affirmations, etc.)

    Quantum Mind Power is by far the only product on
    the market created using “The Morry Method”.
    And it’s probably the most effective brainwave
    entrainment product you can find.

    Get your copy now at


    If you still have any question about the
    technology and the product, you can contact their
    support group from the website.

    Go for it.

    Leon Edward

    PS. You will get a 5-part “Quantum Mind Power”
    email course and a 15 mins fully functioning
    sample sent to your inbox absolutly f.ree just
    for checking out this crazy offe*r. No obligation
    at all.



    Quantum Mind Power is by far the most effective
    brainwave entrainment program online. And it’s
    been endorsed by top experts in this field, such
    as the legendary peak performce expert and
    bestselling author Dr. Robert Anthony. It also
    received tons of excellent feedbacks from its

    H.ere are just some of the truly life-changing
    results and endorsments people OPENLY credi*t to
    Quantum Mind Power program.


    “I have been using Brain Wave Entrainment in my
    personal life and with my clients for many years
    with excellent results.

    Quantum Mind Power (The Morry Method) is by far
    the best I have ever seen. It does everything
    they say and more because it has so many features
    that make the other “mind conditioning” programs

    If you want overcome mental blocks to success,
    health and wealth and achieve MEASURABLE success
    then this is the program for you. You will be
    delighted with the results if you follow the
    simple instructions. It not only works, but it is
    a totally enjoyable experience. You can’t ask for
    more than that!”

    Dr. Robert Anthony Author – Educator


    “I have been listening to the “Quantum Mind
    Power” lately and have found myself in a state
    that is unusually different (in a very positive
    way). I am experiencing much less stress from all
    the workloads I’ve been handling. I also feel my
    enthusiasm and motivation skyrocket to a whole
    new exciting level.

    I have neve*r felt this sense of happiness and
    excitement in my life before. This is a strange
    feeling, and I like it a lot!”

    Michael Lee


    “I am very excited and I don’t have words to
    express my feelings. “Quantum Mind Power” is
    exactly what I have been looking for. I was a
    little bit depressed because I achieved only 60%
    of my June month goal till 28th. Even I couldn’t
    concentrate on my work because of it. I used
    “Eden Energy Wave Dynamics Isochronic 6” for two
    days (29th and 30th) and I instantly feel a
    positive energy in my bod*y.

    In just 2 days I become more energetic, joyful
    and you’ll surprise to know “I achieve my goal
    for June month too”. Truly Amazin*g.”

    Raamakant S.

    “I have had sleep problems since I was 17, and I
    have neve*r been able to fall asleep immediately,
    and if and only if I do sleep, I still neve*r get
    the rest I wanted.

    After listening to your program for the second
    time, I was out like a light bulb, as if almost
    by command.

    Also as a side note, I let my youngest son listen
    to your program, during his examinations and low
    and behold, he got his first A, EVER. He was
    always the grade average of C+!

    Just incase you wondering he is in grade 12 so
    you can imagine the effect this program has had
    on him.”

    Kaashif Karriem

    …Just this week for the first time my ability
    to concentrate and focus on things had an

    amazin*g jump out of nowhere. With this
    experience I had a pleasurable ‘feeling’ which I

    have neve*r experienced before, I can honestly
    say the ‘jump’ was more than 300 percent. Now

    this ability was not a one off, I have managed to
    experience this at random.

    My creative ability has had a major leap, I am
    working towards an album for the end of 2007,

    there is an avalanche of ideas just keep coming,
    and these ideas are nicely fitting in my


    Asgar Khan –UK

    Do these great results sound exciting to you? You
    too can achieve a*mazing results with this
    powerful program. Get your copy no*w.

    Go to ==>


    Leon Edward

    PS. You will get a 5-part “Quantum Mind Power”
    email course and a 15 mins fully functioning
    sample sent to your inbox absolutly f.ree just
    for checking out this crazy offer. No obligation
    at all.

    Go to ==>


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