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Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving involves many different skills. The most important skills are outlined below.

  • Creative thinking. You have to be able to think in a creative manner and to se beyond the obvious if you ever want to be a good problem solver. You cannot just stick to the obvious because in most cases that will never get the problem solved. You have to be willing to think outside the box, brainstorm a little and come up with a unique solution. Creative thinking can make a person a perfect problem solver. Being able to think creatively allows a person to come up with solutions to problems that others may never even think about. A person is able to come up with good ideas that may not be so obvious. Creative thinking is something that can be a huge benefit to almost any profession because quick thinking is a great skill.
  • Reasoning. Reasoning has a place in problem solving, but it is important not to let your reasoning overtake your creativity. Reasoning comes I handy, though, because it will help you weed out the good ideas form the bad ones to come to the final solution.
  • Objectivity. You have to be object when approaching a problem. You can not have preconceived notions about how the situation will end or how you can fix the problem quickly. You have to come to a problem with an open mind and the ability to try different things to solve it.
  • Positive attitude. Your attitude can go a long way in your success as a problem solver. You have to be positive. If you approach a problem thinking that you will not be able to solve it then chances re that you will not be able to do it. You have to think positive and believe in yourself.

These skills will go a long way towards helping you be a good problem solver. The skills listed above are some of the major things you need in order to be able to solve problems in a constructive manner.

If you have these skills then you need to refine them. If you do not have these skills then you need to work on them. If you are committed to becoming a good problem solver then you need to have these skills to help you.

You can build upon these skills too to help you become an even better problem solver. There are also other skills not listed above that can assist you in being a good problem solver. You just need to identify what things you already know or can do that could possible be put to good use when you are solving problems.

Take inventory of your skills. You will find that many things you may not exactly see as a skill is actually a very nice asset to your problem solving skills. Go through your skills and see how each skill you have can in some way benefit your ability to solve problems.

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