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Overcoming Mental Hurdles

Thoughts are powerful. Words are powerful. When we are persistently being exposed to particular suggestions, and when we are continually being told particular things, then we are likely to accept them. More often than not, it results in us believing in these ideas in one way or another. These suggestions, this continuous barrage of remarks, compliments and criticisms of other people, molds our way of thinking because they are the foundations of who we become as we begin to believe in them.

Consider, for instance, what you were constantly told by your parents when you were a child. Have you noticed that you have either conformed to it, or made a conscious decision to rebel against what they bombarded you with?

However, I’m going to let you in on a secret; you can actually make negative “pre-programmed” thoughts work for you. Yes, it is possible. You can do this in one of two ways: you can struggle against these thoughts with positive self-affirmations, or you can use them to spur you on to disprove them.

Choosing positive self-affirmation is the easiest method. Whenever you hear yourself remembering your parents’ comments about “an A- never becoming an A+” then simply say to yourself, “I am a worthwhile person. I will excel, and I will achieve my goals in spit of everything. I will succeed”.

If the affirmation is not sufficient to raise your spirits, then begin listing your achievements. Remember your successes, no matter how small they were; they all matter. For example, the time that you were able to say “no” to your friends when they wanted you to go out partying instead of finishing your term paper was a victory. List all of the occasions that you showed that you had willpower and were determined to rise above your weaknesses.

The alternative that I mentioned is to use the power of your thoughts you drive you on to success. Whenever you remember your parents taking no notice of an A+ that you got for a paper because they wanted you to try out for the football or cheerleading team, then remember that their goals are not your own. Remind yourself that you are working towards success in the filed of YOUR choosing, and aim for that goal. Keep striding over the hurdles. Once you have cleared them, then you can look back on your achievement and give yourself a pat on the back. This will give you the motivation to face the next set of hurdles.

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