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More Creative Thinking Lessons

How to Become a Creative Thinker

So you want to be a creative thinker? You have decided that you love the idea of being able to come up with amazing ideas at the drop of a hat. Well, then it is time to learn how to become a creative thinker.

Becoming a creative thinker is about training your mind and making a conscious effort to be more creative. Start out by letting yourself be more creative in general.

As mentioned before, skills in music and the arts can go a long way towards helping you to become a creative thinker. You may consider taking up an artistic hobby to help get your creative juices flowing.

The reason that these skills help so much with creative thinking is because they open up the creative areas of the brain. They allow a person to let go of their rational thoughts and free the brain up for more creativity. The more you can allow your brain to be creative, the more likely you will be able to draw upon that creativity at will.

You can also just sit around and brainstorm ideas. See what you can come up with. Get out a pen and paper. Just write down whatever comes to mind. Do not censor yourself. Let your thoughts flow freely. You will likely be amazed at what you end up writing when you go back and read it.

Try the thought experiments and ‘what if’ ideas given earlier.  Do at least one of these daily to keep your mind sharp and your creative juices flowing. Take them seriously and be committed to doing them.

You have to put forth some effort to try and get your brain into the habit of creative thinking. It involves commitment. It involves daily work. You cannot slack at all if you truly want to develop a brain that can think creatively.

Adopting creative thinking is something anyone can do. You just have to be able to let your mind wander and stop being so in control of your ideas. Creative thinking is free flowing.

You have to practice often. Let your mind just go beyond the obvious and see what you can come up with. Try some things like free writing where you let your thoughts be control. Play games that get you thinking and that will get your brain working. Challenge yourself. Try something new.

You know what is creative, so just let yourself get into creative activities. Anything that will allow you to go beyond your normal boundaries is going to stimulate creative thinking. You have to be willing to go outside your comfort zone and start to experience things you have never experienced before.

Becoming a creative thinker is a matter of just putting your mind to it. Once you decide to be a creative thinker, nothing is holding you back but yourself.

A Lesson in Creative Thinking

Creative thinking can be a very beneficial skill in business. Take the following story about Ryan and Scott as a good example of how creative thinking can get you ahead at your job.

While reading this story try to consider yourself in this situation. Think about who you are more like and who you want to be more like.

Ryan always thought he had it in good at work. He worked for a great company where he was always praised for his hard work. Ryan held a business degree from a notable school and thought he had learned everything he needed to already.

One day there was a new employee who joined the team at work. He worked in the same department as Ryan and he held the same position in the company as Ryan. This new guy, Scott, was rumored to be some sort of genius.

Ryan wondered what was so great about Scott. He had talked with him and learned he had graduated with a business degree form some state college and that this was his first position after graduation. Ryan did not see anything special.

At the weekly meeting, the boss told the employees that there was a client who would be coming in later in the week to hold a meeting and decide if this was the company they would like to do business with. He needed a presentation prepared to present to the client by Friday. He asked that everyone brainstorm some ideas and later that afternoon they would meet again to go over them and choose the best idea.

At the afternoon meeting, there were plenty of mediocre ideas tossed around. When Ryan’s turn came, he felt pretty good. He proposed a nice idea that was a little different from the other that had been presented. His boss commented that so far it was the best he heard.

Then it came Scott’s turn to present his idea. Scott blew everyone away with his amazing idea. He had a creative approach to the presentation that would really make it something different. He had almost come up with the complete plan. There would be little work to do to make it ready for Friday’s client meeting. The boss was so proud he decided to let Scott make the presentation himself.

Ryan could not understand how Scott came up with such an idea in the short amount of time they had. After the meeting, he talked with Scott. Scott explained that he used creative thinking to help him. He told Ryan all about how creative thinking works and how it had helped him land this job in the first place.

Ryan was amazed and he decided to give creative thinking a try himself. He started reading about creative thinking techniques. He even spent some time everyday asking himself ‘what if’ questions and trying out thought experiments.

Soon Ryan and Scott became the two top employees in the office. They were using their creative thinking to climb the corporate ladder. They ended up working so great together that eventually they started their own company and within a year, it had a net worth of over a million dollars.

Creative thinking had transformed Scott’s whole life. He was living the American dream. He would probably never have gotten there without the help of a little creative thinking.

Ryan’s story is probably much like yours. Until you actually learned about creative thinking, you probably never gave the idea a second thought. You may not have even realized what a major skill it is.

It is amazing to think that creative thinking can help someone land a good job and get recognized for their work on their very first day, but it can happen. Think about Scott when you are at work. Is there someone in your office who seems to be like him? Are you like him or are you more like Ryan? Skills are what will help you advance at work, not your degree.

Book smarts can only take you so far. You have to really get your brain working in order to make a big impact on your boss. Creative thinking is the way to do that.

Put creative thinking to work for you. You could end up being the star of the office, just like Scott.

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