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More Mind Mapping Applications You Might Not Think Of




Mind Maps For Making Plans

The mind map is not a plan but you can create a plan using a mind map. When you are developing a plan, make sure to group certain ‘tree branches’ together (it helps to number these too.) This guarantees that the steps of your plan are interrelated. Your vision and mission statement could be formed through mind mapping. This allows employees, investors, management, and customers to figure out the function of the organization, as well as their roles within the organization. This is especially true now that various kinds of thinking have been identified: analyzing, decision making, critical thinking, strategic thinking and creative thinking. It is important because organizations are now facing waves of change and innovation that produce new sets of problems – each of which is a challenge in itself for the organization to face – requiring that members of the organization possess a greater ability to comprehend, visualize, interpret and share concepts.

Planning has also become a challenge because our time and energy is limited. Mind mapping helps us improve on managing what time and energy we have more effectively. It also assists us in efforts to organize various aspects of our lives – we are able to start, then see projects through to the end.

Mind Maps For Note Taking



All people have to take notes at some point in their life. Even a housewife is required to note down what she needs before she goes to the store for a shopping trip. More so for a white-collar worker who has to attend many seminars and conferences as part of his work. Whatever your occupation, note-taking is probably an indispensable aspect of your job.

Mind maps were initially created to aid learners who take down notes for school. So mind mapping definitely aids in note-taking. As far as learning is concerned, mind mapping should not be used because it is a “better” way of learning. It should be employed because it complements and enhances other learning methods. A college student who employs both mind maps and line-by-line note-taking is making the most of both styles of note-taking. (He might also choose to focus on mind maps alone if he feels that this style helps him retain more content in a more effective fashion.) An instructor who presents his lecture with the aid of a giant mind map is backing up his oral abilities with the effectiveness of a visual aid.

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Got A Paper To Write ? Use Mind Mapping

Creating an Essay Using a Mind Map

Everyone who has gone through formal education has had to create an essay at one time or another. Essays are considered important by instructors since they help in assessing how much content about a subject has been absorbed by the learner, as well as finding out how individual facts are interconnected in the mind of the student. But not everyone knows how to create an essay the right way. Most people just start writing sentence after sentence – then they wonder why their instructor marks their essay as being “disorganized” or “haphazardly done.”

The Buzan Study Skills Handbook gives instructions on how to write an essay using a mind map. You could try using these steps when you are writing an essay at home or during an exam. First, make a mind map which encompasses the necessary sub-topics of your subject. Of course, it is understood that there should be a central image forming your central key idea – your subject. Then, pay attention to what the subject theme or question is demanding of you – this will give you ideas as to what the next branches of your mind map should be about. Each ‘tree branch’ or relationship of ideas is called a Basic Ordering Idea by Buzan. At this point, you may opt to free-associate as to what keywords (or sub-branches) you should attach to each Basic Ordering Idea. Using different colors will help you organize these details. Next, take some time to rest then re-examine your mind map – Do you need to re-organize it? Should you add or remove individual details or whole ‘tree branches’ altogether? Feel free to draw another version of your mind map, if necessary. Now you are ready to write the first draft of your essay, based on the way your mind map is organized. Make sure to write it fast, and don’t dawdle over any difficult portions – the important thing is to maintain the flow of thought. Then take another look at your mind map and do another draft of your essay – this time you can cross-references, add quotations or more facts if you feel this will make your essay richer, and change or add to your conclusions where needed. Now, what do you know? – You have just created an essay using a mind map!

Mind Maps For Presentations and Learning Tools

Using Mind Maps for Presentations

Another application of mind maps is when they are used as presentations to groups. You will first of all find it easier to do research and prepare them using mind maps. And your audience will be able to follow your presentation closely and you will have an easier time making it because you can pace your speech, you can refer to the mind map when you wish, and you will find yourself more comfortable and relaxed.

Teachers can also use mind maps when educating students. New concepts can be defined with clarity. The instructor can also rely on mind maps for covering new material in lessons and courses. This is particularly applicable since there is an explosion of knowledge in the world – from books, magazines, newspapers, journals, and websites – which we may need to absorb quickly and accurately. Even the smartest person will find the tasks of absorbing, summarizing, and deciphering the meaning of all this information to be daunting without the proper techniques.

Mind Maps as Learning Tools

Of course, mind maps are popularly known as learning tools. You can use them to summarize the results of research, boost exam preparation efforts by improving recall, and allow you to review past material well since you are able to link ideas together while seeing the big picture.  More specifically, mind maps are applicable for lifelong learning. This means you can use them whether you are in elementary, high school, or college as well as when you are trying to stay on track of your career by keeping track of developments in your field of specialization. Mind maps need not be devoted solely to serious pursuits either – you can use them in your leisure moments, such as when you are pursuing a hobby.

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Mind Mapping For a Preacher or Public Speaking

One pastor at Fellowship Church – Pastor Ed Young, Jr. – is known for delivering great sermons. He has been able to produce nearly 1,000 messages in 15 years of preaching at this church – all through applying the technique of mind mapping. Since the mind is believed to see things in clockwise fashion, Ed uses a legal-sized piece of paper where he attaches message notes in a clockwise direction (using both the front and back of the legal-sized paper.) At the start of his career, Ed would take time out to jot down, color code, and illustrate his ideas on the mind map by hand. In time, he has become more dependent on a computer template to create his mind map for each sermon. But even on these computerized mind maps he has opted to keep color coding the key words, illustrations and transitional words that he needs in order to keep track of the flow of his sermon. Ed also keeps integrating handwritten notes into these mind maps when he needs to remember something or change something at the last minute. Ed does not memorize his sermons – rather, he focuses on being familiar with the whole content. This leaves him free to expound on certain ideas during the sermon itself when he feels it is necessary.

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