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Can Mental Programming Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is a common goal for men and women. With the numbers of obese people rising, particularly in Western countries, dieting programs and weight loss books and products are becoming increasingly popular. There are over one billion obese adults in the world. Obesity is known to cause a range of health problems from high blood pressure to Type 2 diabetes.

Traditional diets and diet programs can help with weight loss but sadly the majority of those who lose weight on diets either regain the weight or simply give up before achieving their target. The latest studies into weight loss suggest that one key component that is overlooked is mind-set. Your attitude is a crucial component to the successful outcome of any diet plan you choose to follow.

Mental programming can play an invaluable role in weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance once you have achieved your goal.

To maximise the effectiveness of your weight loss program you can use more than one mental programming method.

Affirmations used daily will focus your mind on your goals and strengthen your belief in your ability to achieve them. Make sure you display them around the kitchen on your fridge, freezer and food cupboards.

A vision board can be really helpful for weight loss. Add pictures of what your life will look like as a slimmer, healthier person. Include outfits you would like to wear. You could add images of treats you will give yourself as you lose weight. Will you treat yourself to a dream holiday? Add that in. You can also include affirmations.

Creative visualization is another powerful method for programming your mind for weight loss success. This is because it involves you imagining the change you want to make and putting yourself in the picture and living in it. It is like imagining yourself stepping into a movie of your future life as a slimmer and healthier version of you.

Instead of opting for invasive surgical procedures such as gastric band surgery you could opt for the installation of a virtual (hypnotic gastric band). This form of mental programming is undertaken through hypnosis. It requires commitment and listening to hypnosis recordings on a regular basis before and after the virtual surgery to ensure the mental programming stays in place and is effective.

A weight loss coach is another alternative. The coach will help you create a suitable goal, outline a plan, identify any possible pitfalls and help you create the correct mind-set to achieve weight loss at a healthy rate. They will help you remain motivated and accountable.

Mental programming is an effective method for helping with weight loss provided you are determined to lose weight and committed to making changes in your diet, lifestyle and attitude.

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