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Memory Techniques We Use To Improve Recall

All the memory devices we are considering help to produce ways of putting data together so it makes it much simpler for us to recall it.

1. Group

If you have to recall big groups of numbers or things, then divide them into much littler units. For instance, if you need a very long number, say your social security number, which might be

569724981, then divide it like this: 569 724 981.

2. Classify data according to type

For instance, why not fix up all thirty-seven of Shakespeare’s plays into logical groupings made up as follows: – Comedy, history and tragedies?

3. Rhymed

Utilize the techniques for producing poetry like rhymed, rhythm and alliteration. For instance, if you wish to recall what happened to all of Henry VIII’s wives then you may do the following:

Died, Beheaded, Died

Died, Beheaded, Survived

4. Rules of grammar

This is, for instance, relating to such things as “I” before “E” except after “C”.

5. Spelling

Always take the 1st letter or syllables in order to form a fresh word which spells out the data that you wish to recall.

So if you’re looking to recall the five great lakes for a geography test, then you may say H.O.M.E.S., which then tells you that they’re Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.

6. Narrative

This is a great imaginative procedure, as it helps you to produce a sentence, story, cartoon or visual picture in your brain in order for you to recall some vital data.

7. Map

Utilizing structure helps to bring about a diagrammatic representation of the relationship discovered between major ideas, sub classes and all the supporting detail and data that you have to recall.

8. Arrangement

Put units of data that you need to recall in terms of their location or in chronological order.

9. Going through

Utilizing this device, you’ll either act out, or go through the motions in order to get a feel for an idea.

Write up the word or data that you need to retrieve, and then, utilizing your index finger, go over and trace the shape of the word and see it in your brain.

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Article by Sylvia Behnish

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