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Meditate Daily No Matter What

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    Are you looking into ways of how you can reduce your stress levels? If you have answered yes , you are not alone. The world is seemingly becoming faster, more demanding and more pressurised. Stress affects people in different ways. This can easily lead me into a period of depression, which in the past I have found it very difficult to come out of. Other people suffer from panic attack attacks, become very shaky and nervous, feel sick in the stomach, become sad and can begin to think in a very negative way.

    Meditation helps us to control our emotions, to think in a more relaxed and positive way and certainly helps us to think more clearly.

    Positive effects of meditation: It reduces your heart rate It relaxes your breathing and can even make it slower It can lower blood pressure It can increase your self-esteem by making you think in a more positive way Helps you to think in a more logical and clear way Helps you to reduce stress

    Types of meditation: Walking meditation Mandala meditation Yoga meditation Sitting meditation Prayer meditation Visualization meditation

    People can not believe that I actually just sit there and think. I actually believe that some of them should try it themselves but they always laugh at the suggestion.

    Give it a go with belief and I am sure it will benefit you to.I try to make time around three of four times a day when I will sit down to meditate. I found it difficult at the beginning  stage to get myself into the zone. With practice and realising that I needed this to work for me, I managed to get enough concentration and focus to see the full benefits. Meditating just ten minutes early in the morning can derive fantastic benefits.

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