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Think Like A Genius
Most people believe that intelligence cannot be increased. They say that intelligence is genetic or that education is the key, or that you’ll never be smart , have a genius IQ etc etc. But the truth is, intelligence will always be increased if you know how. In fact, did you know that simple techniques can increase your IQ to Genius IQ to over 180? I will explain this to you below

I’m about to say might seem obvious but it isn’t so please pay attention, and this will reveal HUGE secret on how to increase your IQ and intelligence to genius IQ

I’m going to ask you a totally 100% strange question which i bet you definitely 99% you will NOT get the right answer. This will reveal a massive secret about reaching the 180 Genius IQ.

The question is:

” When you think, do you MAKE the thoughts you’re thinking?”



Confused? Weird question huh? Let me ask you again then…………

Do you MAKE the thoughts you think?



Aha. The answer is actually NO.

You ever MAKE the thoughts YOU think

Instead, you actually RECEIVE the thoughts!

Who would have guessed! You see my student, you are actually RECEIVING your thoughts from your
SUBCONSCIOUS mind which is the seat of your intelligence.

The thoughts you have come from the subconscious and are received by your conscious mind which is the
process of how you get the thoughts.

And there believe it or not, ACTUALLY, lies the secret to the 180 Genius IQ. The Secret Is This: By accelerating
the process of how thoughts are received, you can have more thoughts and ideas. Ie, your intelligence
will increase and you will have ACCESS to the hidden treasures of the GENIUS within the subconscious mind!

Damn i feel smart. Did you get it? Or do you need to increase your IQ so that you do get it? 🙂

So we we want to be using specific means to make sure this happens. One more thing, acceleration of
thoughts is fundamental. However, so to is expansion

You see, to accelerate the process of your thoughts will give you a 180 Genius IQ
but also expanding the source of where your thoughts are received will give you a greater thought reservoir
from which to think. So not only will your thoughts come thick and fast, but you will have GREATER BRAIN
POWER because you have more resources when it comes to thinking!

And all of this means a direct increase in Genius IQ or

1. reasoning ability

2. problem solving ability

3. mathematical ability

4. listening ability

5. memory ability

6. creativity

And so on. And so forth.

So would you like to have a genius IQ ? You know, your wasting your time reading this article and not ACTING to obtain a  genius IQ . Surely you want to ACT to get what you WANT, don’t you? See, I once felt proud of myself
for KNOWING what created GENIUS levels of intelligence but an idiot at the same time for not knowing
how to PRACTICE to get that intelligence. My advice is to SEEK and you will find. If i give you it all on a
plate, you simply wouldn’t see its value.

The author increased his IQ from 85 to over 180 Genius IQ, using the methods and techniques he learned throughout his life. Visit his website at

genius iq

Genius IQ and intelligence increasing

is one of those topics where most people think they don’t have a choice. People say intelligence is genetic, that you can’t increase it, that it’s all to do with education etc etc. But i say this to you now:

Society is full of lies.

And these lies which people say have limited the true potential and GENIUS that lies within us.

Just think for a moment, the geek in high school with the straight A’s and the medicine degree, what did he do to deserve his intelligence?

And think similarly too about the poor guy who worked and worked hard, only to end up with CCD grades and a life where “intelligence” and “analysis” isn’t his strength…..what did he do to deserve that?

You see, your intelligence will and can increase if you first BELIEVE that you can. Then you need to INTEND that you will ACT to increase your intelligence. And then it will increase.

I want to teach you a quick method to increase your IQ. Act and use this method because it works!

I want to start explaining this technique by asking you a question that in turn reveals a great SECRET about increasing your intelligence.

The question is:

What do you think is the typical human concentration span?

10 minutes?

20 minutes?

40 minutes?

2 hours?

The answer will gobsmack you. The answer actually is




7 seconds!!!

7 seconds??!?!? i hear you say! Yep, you read that right!

Our average CONCENTRATION span is actually only about 7 seconds. (range is between 4-11 since it depends on your intelligence level)

Scary huh? It might seem hard to believe but prove it to yourself right now so you know I’m telling the truth:

1. Look at a fine and distinct quality of an object (eg the colour, the edge, the shape)

2. place your CONCENTRATION on the object

3. NOTICE how your CONCENTRATION on that quality wavers to another quality of the object, within seconds.

You see, you might be able to focus your attention on a task for 40 minutes+, but you cannot focus your concentration on a particular quality for more than a few seconds!!!

Your concentration ability is the most fundamental “tool” which you have for all intellectual endeavours

And here lies a secret to increasing your intelligence.

Since your concentration span is so tiny, if you can find a technique to INCREASE your concentration span, BY EVEN A SECOND, it will lead to a HUGE increase in concentration ability overall.

And this technique is what im about to reveal to you.


1. Obtain a coin and place it in front of you

2. Make sure you are in a comfortable sitting place and in a location in which you will not be disturbed

3. Look at the coin from a distance of 30 to 40cm away and concentrate your full attention on the look of the coin. Try and concentrate on its shape more than its particular features. Do not touch the coin

4. Place your thoughts on the side-edge of the coin and try and force all your thoughts to be concentrated on that edge. By thoughts, i am NOT talking about images or words in your mind, just simply the force of your concentration on the coin.

5. You should imagine that the thoughts which you are exerting act as the force to make the coin move. Mentally push with your thoughts towards the edge of the coin. If the coin moves, replace it with a non-metallic object as your emphasis here is not real telekinesis

6. You must maintain as much as possible, your concentration on the shape of the coin by looking directly at it, but also by attempting to force your thoughts onto its edge.

7. If you are performing the technique correctly, you will become unaware of your surroundings. If you become distracted (which you will at first), turn your attention back to the coin and doggedly attempt to maintain it.

8. You can repeat for any object of your choice, but a small metal object is desirable since this attracts the brainwaves towards the focal point you are concentrating on, thus allowing them to become more precise.

Other Effects of This Technique

1. Increased listening ability

2. Increased mathematical ability

3. Ability to sustain more complex arguments

4. Increased ability to extract relevant information from sources

5. Increased ease of memorisation

You should easily get an extra 5-15 IQ points on your existing IQ score using this technique. Practice for 6 days out of 7.

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