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FREE Brain Entrainment Downloads Try FREE : CD MP3 plus Reviews

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Brain Salon 6
CD Set with FREE Demo CD

Change how you feel in minutes, available in MP3 or CDs
Depending on CD , listen while you go about activities and quickly
develop laser like focus, become happier,
Imagine changing your state of mind – with the simple click of a
Get focused. Become happier. Even fall asleep. Just by clicking
“Play.”That’s what the producers of this brainwave program are
claiming. Merely slip on your headphones, listen to a little
enticing audio, and watch your mental state shift – all within
The Brain Salon contains six 30-minute audio sessions, each of which
claim to bring about a specific state of mind.
Inside the Brain Salon box, you’ll find CDs containing sessions for
creativity, deep sleep, energy, focus, relaxation – there’s even a
session for boosting your happiness levels.
All you have to do is slip on your headphones, play the session for
you – and watch your state change, on-demand. At least, that’s what
the bright orange CD sleeve said.
So, I decided to give it a go.
Well, ‘Razor Sharp’ is one of the Brain Salon
sessions that promises to recreate that state. But would it really
affect my concentration?
Absent-minded, I played the session using headphones, while checking
my morning e-mail.
The euphoric sounds and vibration-style noises initially sounded a
little strange, but I soon began enjoying the experience.
Then, almost before I realized, the 30-minute session was over –
and, wow, my inbox was clear. That’s a process which usually takes
me at least a couple of hours or so each morning.
As I took off the headphones, I also noticed that my mind was
completely free of its usual “brain fog” – and that the clarity of
my thinking was way above my regular Friday morning standard.
The improvement in my acuity was very noticeable, and the effects
lasted throughout the whole day. As an experiment, I skipped a day,
then repeated the experiment – and once again experienced the same
There could be no doubt about it. The ‘Razor Sharp’ session
absolutely put me into a state of total clarity, taking me straight
from morning drudge to The Zone in a matter of minutes.
That’s when I got really interested.
The World of ‘Brainwave Entrainment’
I don’t know about you, but “how stuff works” really interests me.
And being a pretty logical person, I was intensely curious as to how
something like the Brain Salon could really backup its claims.
Well, it’s all down to a science known as “ brainwave entrainment .”
I’ve spent a lot of time researching this area, and there’s a really useful explanation of the science on the
Brain Salon website –

but, just for you, here are the essentials.
Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be
detected in the brain. These signatures are known as “brainwaves.”
Using specialized equipment, such as an EEG machine, these waves can
be measured and recorded. That allows scientists to map what
brainwave patterns are present during certain key states of mind.
The Brain Salon sessions use special inaudible pulses, mixed into
the music, to recreate certain brainwave signatures, and thereby
recreate specific states of mind with brainwave entrainment.

States such as creativity, relaxation, and deep sleep – for example!
It’s completely safe, backed by almost 100 years of brainwave
research – and absolutely, unbelievably amazing.
No question about it. I was hooked on brainwave entrainment.

Beyond Basics: Exploring the Sessions
After experimenting with ‘Razor Focus’, I decided to explore the
rest of the Brain Salon brainwave entrainment series – with interesting results.
Being a troubled sleeper, I decided to check out ‘Ultra Deep Sleep’ brainwave entrainment mp3
one night.

I just hit play while lying in my bed, and allowed myself to get
soaked up by the deep, etheric, pulsating sounds.
In no time at all, I’d fallen asleep. And not just any sleep, but
perhaps one of the deepest, undisturbed, most relaxing sleeps I’ve
ever experienced.

The user manual isn’t joking when it claims “you’ll probably never
hear the end of this session.”
The other brainwave entrainment sessions proved even more enjoyable.
I used “Happy Pill” brainwave entrainment audio mp3 track
one evening prior to a night out, to dig myself
out of a bad mood – and get myself feeling peppy for the party night
ahead. It worked wonders. I was the life of the party, flowing with
charisma and in the greatest of moods.

“On absolute top form,” according to one close friend.

and it doesn’t stop there.

I’ve also used “High Energy Espresso” brainwave entrainment to really give me a total
burst of energy, just before a big day, a gym workout, or anything
requiring big time mental muscle.

And “Creative Spark” brainwave entrainment audio– which I’ve already used to triple the number
of business ideas I produce each week. Oh, and “Power Chill” brainwave entrainment CD too –
the ideal replacement for a glass of wine after work. It helps you
to relax, chill out, and recharge those batteries for the evening

When the orange Brain Salon brainwave entrainment box fell onto my doorstep, I couldn’t
have imagined the impact it would have on my life.
Who would’ve thought three simple CDs could do so much?
Happiness. Creativity. Deep sleep. Energy. Focus. Relaxation. All in
one little box. And all you have to do is hit the “Play” button to
activate brainwave entrainment .
Arthur C. Clarke said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic.”
This is that advanced technology. And for me, it really does work
like magic.
Is this like something from a science fiction movie? Yes.
But does it work? Definitely.

Rating: 10/10

Pros: It works! Powerful. Portable. Sessions for
each major mind state.
Cons: Need 30 minutes to listen to each session.
Some sessions require headphones.
Official website: Click Here
Free MP3 demo: Click Here

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Brainwave Entrainment Binaural Beats Website
“Binaural beat recordings use
specially generated sounds to alter your brainwaves. Using our
research skills and the latest brainwave entrainment computer technology, we have
produced the following range of binaural beat CDs, allowing you to
quickly and easily enter states of creativity, relaxation, or pure
energy! These are the highest quality, most professional brainwave entrainment Binaural
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Meditate Deeply, Focus Your Mind,
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Brainwave entrainment or brainwave
can successfully match brain wave
frequency of your desired state of mind brain with the brainwave
frequencies exhibiting a periodic stimulus corresponding to your
intended effect of this state of mind. These benefits of the Alpha,
Beta, Theta, Delta brain waves states of mind brain are presented
here along with the Gamma Brainwave Meditation Relationship.

The functioning brain exhibits electrical activity recognizable as
brainwave frequencies. These brainwaves are measured quantitatively
in cycles per second or Hertz. Deep meditation even with brainwave entrainment
cds can sometimes bring about Gamma frequencies but the 4 most
common brainwave frequencies in order of increasing activity are
delta, theta, alpha and beta. In this article, a better focused look
into the frequency distribution and the effects of state will be
summarized .


Starting with the least amount of electrical activity are the Delta
Brainwave frequency. Usually they show that you are in a very deep
sleep when exhibiting a high amplitude of only 1 – 4 hertz. Usually
these waves occur when you are deeply sleeping, although these are
the dominant waves that infants experience in their first year of
life. Benefits are great in this frequency range as it has been
proven that both growth and healing by the body are enacted. These
brainwaves can occur when you are hyper relaxed or meditating deeply
and can be brought about by using a coach , training or even
brainwave entrainment cds .

Theta wave frequency
Next you have the Theta brain waves frequencies generally at 6-10
cycles per second can indicate that you are daydreaming, or that you
are in the first stages of sleep. When the body gets into this
state, the heart rate and breathing are reduced. Meditation can
achieve this state for adults, otherwise they would need to be
asleep to benefit. However,children under the age of 13 have been
shown to experience the realm rather easily. For a 15 minute brainwave entrainment
download of Theta Experience, Click
here to buy from Silva, $6
(Note The well respected and
recommended Silva Method System is now available at this link in
separate entrainment cds and brain entrainment MP3s for specific
brainwave patterns desired)
Theta Sound ESP

Alpha wave frequency
Found between 8-12 Hz, alpha frequency waves are shown by an alert
mind yet very calm. When you relax and close your eyes these
brainwaves are increased. These brainwaves work to move you towards
imagination, thinking that is intuitive, and deep relaxation. Other
effects are being able to recover from harmful stress or emotional
distress and brainwave meditation.
Experience this awesome state yourself with a Free Alpha Mind Control Mp3 – [Click Here]
a new window will open)

These wave frequencies occur when the mind is focused and alert.
Beta wave oscillate at the frequency range of brain activity from
twelve to thirty cycles per second. The brain is dominated by this
fast activity in the brain when you are not asleep or in transition.
Usually the frontal lobes of the brain is where these brainwaves are
detected and they are seen on both sides of the brain as well. These
types of brainwaves are seen when you are teaching, solving
problems, assessing situations, having conversations, or doing other
processing activities.

Gamma Brain Waves
Brain wave research and many neuroscientist thoughts do not agree as
of yet or have a consensus opinion on gamma brainwaves and there
exact measurement. A correlation between these gamma rays which can
vary between 40 to 10 hertz and transcendental mental states is
claimed by Tibetan Monks for example. Even though this meditative
effect is not clear, its role of intense focus while being weak and
transient in normal brain activity is agreed on . The details of the
mechanisms are beyond the scope of this article.

Meditation Brain Waves
Deep Meditation will exhibit brainwaves through different states
with the most common being alpha. However there is increased
activity in Gamma with extreme benefits showing in the left
prefrontal cortex of the brain. What some refer as a persons Third
Eye is – awakened-through meditation in the Theta state. This deep
state of relaxation can sometimes be experienced by people
undergoing a repetitive yet simple activity as painting or even
cutting the lawn. Deep sleep again will allow everyone to experience
delta brainwave frequency but there are professionals in the
neurosciences who can access your level of unconscious through this
state if induced by a brain wave generator , brainwave entrainment in therapy.
Now that you understand a bit more about the various types of brain
waves frequency that occur within the brain, you also need to
realize that your brain doesn’t just show only one range at once.
You brain has all of these frequencies going at one time, but
usually one is dominating at the time. Depending on the engagement
of your mind, the brainwaves that dominate can vary. Delta
brainwaves dominate during deep sleep, while it is the Beta
brainwaves that are dominating when your brain is highly engaged.

The Brainwave Entrainment Review will continue to explain and
discuss (comments welcome) how the infinite mind of your subconscious
can be trained or synchronized with the brainwave frequencies
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And Control Through Meditation
And Learning In Your Sleep

An Exciting part of the brain is the existence of brainwaves as the
brain emits frequencies, and the different frequencies are
associated with different activities. Basically, there are four
categories: the delta frequency, which is the lowest, at two to
three cycles per second. It is associated with deep sleep and also
with deep meditation. The range above that is called theta (four to
eight cycles). Theta waves are associated with creativity. It is
said that children, up to the age of about seven, spend most of
their time in the theta range. After that there is the alpha range,
(nine to fourteen cycles) which is associated with relaxation,
meditation, and yes, learning. Being in an alpha state is very
conducive to learning. The beta level (15 to 40 cycles) is
associated with everyday activities, and high beta levels are
associated with stress. This is an extremely important concept, and
it opens up huge vistas of ways we can enhance learning, as well as
many other experiences in our lives.

Brain Entrainment CDsBrainwave Entrainment Technology
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Scientists have tested people while they were meditating and found
that there is an increase in alpha waves in people who meditate, so
this can be used also as a means of getting into an alpha state in
order to facilitate learning.
Similarly to meditation, relaxation combined with deep breathing and
increased oxygen for the brain can help you get into an alpha state,
as well as reducing stress.
Learning before and after sleeping
There is a lot of evidence that the periods before you go to sleep
and also just after you wake up are very conducive to learning most
probably due to passing through alpha state. Also, during sleep the
brain processes what we have learned during the day, and what we pay
attention to just before we go to sleep seems to have priority in
this processing. The expression “I’ll sleep on it” corresponds to
something real.
An Effective way to improve many aspects of the brain especially
improved focus, concentration, memory and thinking speed is through
Brainwave Entrainment . Improve brain with nothing more than your CD
player that programs your brain to think better, faster,
and more creatively based on proven
neuro-science principles..

Notes – Brainwave entrainment, where visual or auditory signals are sent in such a way as to lead the brain to emit at the same frequencies it is seeing or hearing. Recent Research has made breakthroughs possible in this science and noteworthy is the work in brain entrainment.