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    Brain World –

    Description: Brain World, a magazine dedicated to the brain. Brain World explores cutting-edge science and how its findings can affect human health, culture, education, global issues and more. It’s written for the general reader you don’t have to be a neuroscientist to appreciate the  articles.

    Price: $19.99 ($5.00/issue) & shipping is always free. Details
    Issues:  4 issues / 12 months
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    Scientific American Mind (1-year auto-renewal)

    Description:. Scientific American Mind Magazine, the new magazine from the editors of Scientific American, takes you inside the most riveting breakthroughs in psychology, neuroscience and human behavior , 4.5 out of 5 stars 

    Cover Price: $35.70
    Price: $19.95 ($3.33/issue) & shipping is always free. Details
    You Save:  $15.75 (44%)
    Issues: 6 issues / 12 months
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     Focus Brain Trainer

    Description:FOCUS offers its readers lots of puzzles and mental exercises. FOCUS combines classics such as crossword and picture puzzles with new puzzle forms from the Far East. It is a spinoff of the Italian science magazine FOCUS. 

    Price: $52.33 ($4.36/issue)
    Issues:  12 issues / 12 months
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    Brain Games Magazines | Logic Puzzles Crosswords



    Brain Games Brain Games magazine is what your brain desires. The magazine for intelligent minds at play,
    Bran Games lets you match wits with our puzzle masters. Each issue is loaded with crosswords,logic puzzles, prize filled contests, trivia and word games designed to push your intellect and thought process to the limit SAVE

    Dell World of Puzzles Magazine Subscription World of Puzzles
    Features a variety of pencil puzzles and unique crosswords in every issue. Produced for an elite group of puzzle lovers who demand unique, tricky, and crafty puzzles, you’ll get crossword and crisscross puzzles, logic and observation, crossword varieties, trivia and name play, cryptic crosswords, word searches, wordplay, double crostics, and cryptography…brain games  Everything to keep you scratching your head, searching for solutions!
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    Dell Word Search Puzzles Dell Official Word Search Puzzles
    include engaging word-find puzzles in each issue.

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      dell crossword puzzle magazine special
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