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Innovative Thinking Skills

Innovative thinking is sometimes a God given gift. For most people, though, innovative thinking is something they have to learn. For the majority of people, learning how to be an innovative thinker can be a struggle. To make the process easier it can help for a person to recognize skills that can be helpful in innovative thinking.

Here is a list of skills you should work with to help you develop innovative thinking:

  1. Being able to look at something in a different way. If you can look at a pencil, for example, and see it as something more than something to write with, then you are on your way to innovative thinking. Take that idea and run with it. While you may never come up with a great invention from it, you can use this brainstorming exercise to help develop your innovative thinking skills.
  1. Being able to look at what others have done and see a need for improvement. If you can recognize things that are not quite perfect or that have the potential to be better, then you can be an innovative thinker.
  2. Being able to weed through piles of information to get to the good stuff. If you can easily take a bunch of nonsense and make some sense out of it, then you can be an innovative thinker. You should recognize that innovative thinking involves a lot of nonsense and being able to get to the heart of things is a true innovative skill.
  1. Being committed. Innovation requires a lot of commitment. If you are the type of person who can commit to something and who does not give up, then you are a prime candidate to be an innovative thinker.

You probably already have many skills of an innovative thinker. All you need to do is recognize that you have it in you. You can be an innovative thinker and use that ability to come up with many inventions and ideas.

“An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.” – Bill Bernbach

Now that you’ve accepted the fact that you are indeed a creative person, and that you are capable of becoming creative more than you have ever dreamed of, it’s time to put that talent to work and practice, practice, practice.

The first thing you need is a place in which to be creative – a space of your own. If possible, it should be a space that’s comfortable and conducive to creative thinking – a place free of distraction and noise.

To start with, you will need a desk, a comfortable chair, good lighting and the proper tools or equipment. At this stage, you are only focusing on your creativity and formulating ideas. You’re still brainstorming. To help you focus, you might try a little mood music.

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