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The Importance of Rest and Sleep on Concentration

Getting enough rest and sleep is key to overall function. Studies have concluded that most people are not getting enough meaningful rest and sleep. Proper rest is necessary as during this time, the body goes into a sort of reparative state. It reboots itself so that a person can function at optimum capacity.

Most people are not getting enough rest and sleep. This can potentially cause major health issues such as lowered immune system, obesity, heart disease, etc. When a person does not get adequate amounts of proper sleep and rest, it more than just a matter of feeling tired. It can affect a person’s ability to concentrate.


Focus and Concentration
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More scientific studies are being done in order to get a more accurate measure of how lack of sleep can affect concentration. It is estimated that in order for a person to have adequate concentration abilities, adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep and for adolescents between the ages of 11 and 22, nine and a half hours of sleep are needed. When a person gets less than 6 hours of sleep, the ability to concentrate is significantly reduced. This lack of concentration not only affects things like being able to remember what tasks need to be performed at work or school, and remembering which items a person may need from the grocery store. Lack of rest and sleep affects a person’s ability to react in potentially dangerous situations. If someone has not had adequate rest, he or she may not be able to drive a car properly. A person who operates dangerous machinery for a living may lose the ability to concentrate, thus putting not only himself or herself at risk, but also risks the safety of other employees. If your healthcare professional is functioning on inadequate amounts of sleep and rest, he may render an incorrect diagnosis which puts you at risk for receiving unnecessary testing, procedures, or medications. It also puts that medical professional at risk of losing licensure due to negligent and improper treatment of his patients. Similar concerns arise with those who are employed in the transportation industry. If an airline pilot, train conductor, or taxi driver is not fully rested, he or she and the company for which they are employed could be held liable for negligence.

Getting adequate rest and sleep is not just about feeling good, though feeling good is certainly a sign that a person is well-rested. It also has to do with being able to function and concentrate on varying tasks at optimal levels throughout the day.

There are some suggestions from health professionals on getting to sleep, getting quality sleep and even getting back to sleep in the middle of he night. Some may seem obvious but if we aren’t consciously aware of these causes, effects can be damaging to your mental focus.

Helpful tasks to sleep better are keeping a regular bedtime, consuming dairy products where warm is better, reading dull material, sleeping in absolute darkness, maintaining quiet and more detail is available from other sources. Don’ts include food additives, avoiding protein and sweeteners.

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