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How To Use Affiliation To Improve Your Memory

Our memory works by recalling matters through affiliation. What this means is that each piece of data we have in our memory is connected to a different piece in one way or another. I’ll start out with simple examples.

If you were given the word, suppose, “apple”, and then you might do something like this in order to recall what an apple is: “red, round, sweet, doctor, tree and fruit”.

Which as you are able to see is where such matters as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” might be a saying that individuals regularly utilize in order to recall that eating great healthy foods, like fruit, will keep them from getting ill.

Likewise, if you were asked by a few what the 7th letter of the alphabet was, then the chances are you’d start off by stating to yourself “a, b, c, d, e, f, g” and then aloud you’d say G.

During this you’ve been utilizing affiliation, as you know that the first letter of the alphabet is A and you’ve kept on going through them till you’ve ended up with the letter that you were seeking.

While many individuals think that they’ve a bad memory, really, they don’t. As a matter of fact, most of us have truly good memories; it’s just that we’re not well practiced in utilizing them to their full effectiveness. Yet, if this is true, then why do a few individuals find it so grueling to recall certain affairs?

Our memory works utilizing affiliation. If there’s no obvious affiliation between particular matters, then it makes it very hard for us to recall them. Suppose, for instance, you need to recall that the plane you’re catching takes off at 2pm. But, as there’s nothing about this certain plan which would suggest the number 2 to you, then it’s easily blanked out, and unfortunately you might find yourself missing your flight.

But, if as mentioned above, our memory works by affiliation, then we should actively work at discovering a way to produce an affiliation between the two bits of data relating to the flight.

So, for instance, you may imagine in your mind that the plane you have to catch at 2pm has 2 wings. There then is your affiliation “2 wings = 2pm”. In that way, we’re ten times more likely to recall the time at which the flight is due to depart, even once it has gone from our short-run memory.

However, you might well discover that when particular pieces of data are not obviously related, you’ll have to be a little more creative with linking matters together in order to form an affiliation.

However it truly isn’t as hard as it might seem at first. When you were at school, you were always being taught rhymes and acronyms at school that helped you recall matters, so why not utilize the same technique now?

These particular techniques work, as they form a simple to recall, but yet clever affiliation between themselves and the data that it is we are attempting to recall.

The whole idea when utilizing affiliation in order to recollect matters is to be creative. There’s no need for you to invent a rhyme or a poem for each time you wish to recall something, in most cases, simply thinking of a few picture in your mind which links pieces of data together, which is either strange or silly, may make it much simpler to call up certain matters.

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