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How To Influence Your Subconscious Mind Power

Whatever your dominating thoughts that you allow to be everpresent in your conscious mind will reach and influence your subconscious mind. In a recent email you were warned that whether these thoughts are negative or positive is immaterial. So absolutely do not dwell on problems or issues in the past. Your subconscious will recognize these ill times as happening all over again and drive your programmed mind to attract more of the same.

OK, now, let us move on.However self administered stimuli will reach your mind effectively through the five senses. Sense impressions being perceived through your senses can be passed on to your subconscious by you directing the type with your conscious mind. So be in control of your destiny. People spend their lives at tie in misery and or poverty because they simply do not know how to control their subconscious or practice incorrect programming.Whatever it is that you desire, strongly believe or have faith its yours. If you cannot conceive it as yours, once again believe it is your intention to acheive it. I’ve heard some laugh at affirmations but when used properly, they can be the strongest autosuggestive trechnique of your mind power. The study of quantum physics reveals to us that things do not just happen to us – they simply are.

Everything that occurs in our lives is a series of events waiting for us to give them meaning by our perceptions. Affirmations repeated daily lead to perceptions lead to actions. Affirmations are positive self affirming statements you made aloud in the present tense that serve to communicate with the subconscious mind. Affirmations are always made in the present or past tense but never in future tense

Affirmations have to be repeated on a consistent basis. Saying your affirmation once and hoping that it would manifest into reality is unheard of. Instead, repetition and consistency imprints the message to your subconscious mind thus allowing the message to be perceived as real. A good time to say your affirmations would be in the morning before work and the days stresses catch up with you.

Remember, affirmations have to be repeated consistently and with conviction. If you have no faith and do not believe that you deserve what you affirm, you are not going to manifest what you desire.

– Leon Edward


Activating the subliminal mind or the subconscious is a great start to empowering your mind so that you attract success, money and friends. When you unleash the subconscious mind you, take control, which leads you to success.

What many people fail to remember is that everything we learn goes into the conscious and subconscious mind. Parts of this experiences, information, learning, etc we use through the conscious mind, yet the true power of our knowledge rests inside the subconscious mind, which we bury and fail to explore. We learn from observation, influences, etc.

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