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How to Increase Concentration Power

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For those that wish to learn how to increase concentration power have no fear, it is possible. There are many benefits to knowing how to concentrate. Concentration is useful to help improve your memory, assist in studying, help you focus on whatever activities you are performing and helps you understand concepts easier and faster.

In order to build your concentration you need to train your mind to learn to calm down and focus. Concentration should not be strenuous or tiring at all, though many people associate concentration with negative feelings. There are many exercises you can do to improve your concentration.

You can chose a simple sound or word and just silently repeat it in your mind for a few minutes. As your concentration grows you should extend the time with no interruptions. You can also take a piece of fruit and observe it from all angles. Stay focused on the fruit and do not let other thoughts come into your mind. Another exercise is to count backwards in your mind from 100.


Focus and Concentration
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To continue on with the fruit you can try to picture the fruit in your mind and keep this picture for five minutes or more. Associate all the senses involved with the fruit including how it smells and tastes. Another more advanced exercise is to draw a geometrical figure, paint it and only focus on that object. Nothing else exists but that shape, when concentrating does not use words but simply watch the figure. As you progress you can eventually close your eyes and visualize the shape.

These exercises are a great way to learn to focus your attention and can even be quite relaxing as you get rid of all of the excess noise going on in your mind. Many times when our mind is racing individuals have problems sleeping and a great combination is to practice concentration exercises and meditation, as you need to be relaxed to really concentrate.

How to Increase Concentration Power

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How to Increase Concentration Power

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