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How to Improve Your Memory

Do you forget where you leave your belongings? Are you always asking your spouse where your keys are or other items? These may be symptoms of a bad memory. There are steps that can be taken to improve your memory. They will be covered here.

Improving your memory starts with decluttering your brain. Often, a bad memory is the result of simply trying to think about too many things at once. Your brain needs to be placed in an environment where it can perform its best. It needs to be free from distractions. You want to try and find a place that is quiet, but not so much so that you’ll fall asleep.

Just having a quiet, distraction free place is a great start but it is not the only factors when trying improve your memory. You need to practice using exercises that are meant for memory improvement. If you remember the game Concentration as a kid, you are given a series of tiles. There is an even number of tiles that have sets of matching pictures (it could be numbers as well). Each turn, a player is allowed to reveal two tiles with the goal of matching the tiles. At the beginning, the first player has no choice but to guess which two tiles may be a match. As the game progresses, the idea is to try and remember which pictures have been turned over and match up those tiles.

Another great way to improve memory is to play chess. Because you need to think of many moves ahead of time, the more you play the more you will develop pathways for your memories. Chess makes a great memory enhancer. This is because if your opponent’s moves are counter to what you expected them to do, you will need to recalculate those pathways of possible moves.

Many people find chess to be a bit too time consuming and for some, even overly complicated. If that is the case, you could consider playing Sudoku. In this game, you are given a 9×9 small grid which is also part of a larger 9×9 grid. You start out with some numbers already placed in the grids. You need to fill each grid with the sequence 1 through 9 in the smaller grids in such a way that there are no duplicates in the rows or columns of the larger grids. Like chess, you have to think of sequences ahead of time, just not as extensive as chess.

Entire books have been written on how to improve memories and there are even fields of science dedicated to the cause. The methods described here are effective in helping you improve your own memories. How much improvement is the subject of debate and the science behind it is not definitive.

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