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How Radiant Thinking Can Change Your Life

How can you use the power of radiant thinking to change your own life and make it better in every way? The answer to this question is almost too simple to be believable, yet if you truly believe, it can happen for you. It is not difficult to set your own healing forces into action. A little effort and determination is all it takes! Just get used to uttering positive affirmations daily. Some people find it useful to record these affirmations on tape, then play the tape as often as you see fit each day.
You need to become very aware of your thoughts, because everything that happens to us in life starts off as a thought in someone’s mind, not necessarily your own. Observe your thoughts as if you were someone other than yourself, and try not to get too caught up in them. It does not matter if these thoughts are negative or positive. You are watching them and observing them for a reason.
You will not have to do this for very long before seeing a pattern emerge. It may be necessary for you to start a thought notebook in order to keep track of all of them. Write them down, both good and bad, and also note whether or not you were able to use a positive affirmation in order to banish the negative thought. Be aware of the events in your life that cause you to have negative thoughts. Analyze these events, and if the negativity created by them is severe, you may want to consider eradicating them from your life.


Negative thoughts can be more easily banished with the right mindset. Your imagination can be a big help to you. Using your powers of creativity and imagination together, you could imagine that you have befriended a powerful dolphin who has taken the initiative of being your good friend and protector. Imagine further that this dolphin has the ability to leap out of its home in the sea of your mind, and swallow your negative thoughts whenever they appear. Once the negative thought has been figuratively swallowed by the dolphin, replace it with a positive thought immediately.


Imagery can be very powerful. By taking advantage of its power, you can successfully limit the number of negative thoughts that enter your mind. While this is going on in your conscious mind, bolster your unconscious mind by surrounding yourself with positive people if at all possible.


If this is difficult for you, then make your home a positive oasis. Refuse to allow negativity to even cross the threshold of your abode! Think positive thoughts, read only positive books, and get yourself a book of positive quotes that were once uttered by famous people. Write some of the best quotes on index cards, and tack them up around your home. Place them on mirrors and on doors. Fasten them to the refrigerator and use them as bookmarks in your current reading material.
Place these cards anywhere and everywhere you will be able to see them on a daily basis. Make sure you do not leave the same ones in place too long. Rotate the cards on a weekly basis, and soon you will know these quotes by heart. They will be very useful for counteracting any negative thoughts that creep into your mind. This may seem like a lot of fuss, but research has proven that anytime you keep something in the back of your mind at all time, it will become a part of you. By having these quotes scattered about in the areas where you spend most of your time, your absorption of their truths will be complete.

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