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Finding a Problem Solving Method

Not everyone will solve problems in the same way. That is just part of what makes us each unique individuals. However, you can often learn from others and how they solve problems. They may use a technique that is new to you or something that really works and that you’d like to use. Watch how others solve problems and see what you can learn form them.

There are many methods of problem solving. You probably use one method and stick to it to solve every problem you encounter. This can be a bad thing. You should try out different methods because sometimes one method works better for a particular problem then another method.

There are three main ways people solve problems:

  1. Questions. Some people solve problems by asking questions. They look at the problem and ask ‘what if’ – what if I tried this or what if this happens? Through questioning they are able to see the possible outcomes. This allows them to come up with the best solution that seems to be the one that will work to solve the problem.
  1. Develop a process. For the more organized individual or the more complex problem it can sometimes help to develop a problem solving process. This usually involves analyzing the problem, proposing different solutions, testing the solutions and then finally, applying the chosen solution. It is a very structured way of solving a problem.
  1. Brainstorming. For the more creative problem solver, there is the process of brainstorming. This involves just sitting down and coming up with numerous ways to solve the problem. Some ideas may be out there and that is fine. Using innovative thinking and being creative can help a person come up with an unconventional solution to a problem.

Being able to solve problems is a natural thing that we all are born with. It is actually how you approach problem solving that will help determine how good of a problem solver you are.

You should be willing to try different methods and different ways of problem solving. This will allow you to be able to come up with many options as a solution to your problem. You will then be more likely to come up with the perfect solution.

Mind Mapping For Problem Solving

Mind maps have been found to be applicable for brainstorming and visualizing ideas, as well as creating a structure for such concepts so they can be classified. The lines radiating out from a central key idea help to focus on the semantic relationship of the ideas (indicating the links between meanings of the words or symbols used.) Brainstorming is encouraged because the connections between ideas are displayed in a radial non-linear fashion as a diagram – this can be applied to all organizational tasks. A ‘tree branch’ of lines drawn in a segment of the paper indicates that the ideas presented are closely related to one another. The key advantage of a mind map is that memory recall becomes easier because the semantic connection between bits and pieces of information is graphically displayed in a uniform manner.

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