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Enjoying Literature and Drama through Mind Mapping

Do you ever wish you could enjoy works of literature more? Or would you like to go to the theater and improve your comprehension of the plot of the play you are watching? Perhaps you have seen a wonderful movie but wish you could tell the story to your friends in your own words afterwards. Whichever of these three is true in your case, it is possible through mind mapping.

If you were to read the written work of a master novelist or playwright, the test of your level of comprehension is whether you can tell the same story to another person without losing key concepts in the process. You need a mind map for this. This is not an easy task if you were to read the entire book at one sitting then attempt to create a mind map. Try doing it in bits and pieces – read one chapter first, internalize the story, then create a mind map of it. You may find that your ability to be a storyteller improves as you keep at it. The mind map helps you by creating a graphical visualization of the storyline – isn’t this easier than memorizing whole paragraphs out of the book? Be patient and you will eventually be able to finish an entire book this way.

What about watching a play? This is simpler than reading because you only have to open your eyes, ears and other senses to gain valuable impressions of the play you are watching. What costumes are the characters wearing? How strong is the lighting in certain parts of the stage? What color schemes seem to dominate the background during particular portions of the play? These visual cues, in tandem with good listening skills, allow you to recall the play as it was portrayed by the actors. If you attempt to recall the story of the play afterwards as you develop a mind map, these visual inferences will prove crucial.

The same techniques for observation which you use for recalling a play will also help you when you watch a movie. Listen carefully to the dialogue but also keep an eye out for crucial visual impressions. The scenery is one valuable aspect of a movie which you can examine. What country is the story being played out in? Does this have an impact on the storyline? You could also look at the clothes of the characters – not just the lead actors and actresses but the extras as well. What period of history are they attempting to portray? Also, does the director like to use creative color cues in the background lighting to show changes in the storyline or mood? All these (and more) will prove important to you when you eventually create a mind map.

For aficionados of the theater and film, you will find that the use of color has a corresponding impact on your emotions. This is why directors of both plays and movies are often experts in the use of color – even down to the facial make-up of their actors and actresses.

If you rely on mind mapping to recall great works of literature, theater and film, you will not only become a more well-rounded person, but you will be able to keep enjoying way into the future what you experienced in the past.

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