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Creative Thinking Improvement Through The Environment

Why do you think that on some days you have ingenious thoughts and not on other days? The best solution is not easy to figure out.

On a time off spent with the family in the campgrounds you may have stunning ideas yet in the business office you’ll find other ways, as  a cool room or  darkened  offices also generate awesome  ideas. It has been shown that your surroundings do have a large impact on your ingenuity levels.
Noise Levels

Many think that working in total silence is better for creative thinking and ideas, it has been proven not so. If the area where you are working is too loud or too quiet your creativity can suffer. Creative thinking, productivity and efficiency are in fact approved when your surrounding noise levels are at ambient conditions.

Creativity and lighting
Studies have also shown that when lighting is dim, creativity is improved.Apparently low lighting levels make you feel more free and helps reduce those stressful feelings. Scientists have determined that darker lighting allows you to feel free. Try this out by sitting in a darkened room for five minutes. See if your thoughts and feelings change.

Colors Matter

Green and blue are good choices for improving creativity. One doesn’t need to go to the ocean or daydream looking at the sky, even a picture of the blue sky and green meadows can spur creative thinking.If you need to get into lots of detail with a project then having some red surrounding will help.Red is a stimulating color that can actually raise the flow of blood of some people and increase adrenaline. Just a small glimpse of these colors is enough to spur your creative ideas. The colors don’t have to be constantly around you.
A Cluttered Room

It is difficult for many well organized people to believe but disorganization has been shown to spur creative thinking and even in some very successful entrepreneurs.

Some people with photos and collectibles and often motivational pictures that would seem to others as cluttered  can be confusing at times to productivity, seve as a distraction , yet spur some of the most creative thinking of that person especially from the memories and happy times spent.
So Working in a messy or cluttered room can actually help you become more creative. It is thought that the clutter in the room draws your attention to new details that you may not have noticed before. In turn this stimulates your creative juices.

The effect of traveling on creative thinking
Traveling to new holiday destinations has a strong effect on the mind as you can experience many new things for the first time. This effect is obvious to many.When you travel to a new country this really has a big impact on your creativity process. You are living in a different culture with new foods and traditions that you have never come across before.
These tips outlined here are as simple ways to get your creative juices flowing. With these ideas you never know what type of ideas of your own and aims that you can all of a sudden end up as stimulated with.

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