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Creative Thinking Examples

Some Creative Thinking Examples

You may not know where to begin with your thought experiments or using ‘what if’ techniques. The list below offers some great examples of creative thinking exercises that you can try. These exercises work to help you expand your thinking from being narrow to being able to look at a full range of ideas.

  • Imagine yourself living on the moon. Picture what it looks like. Take yourself through a whole day. Think of every little detail, like where does water come from? How do you breathe? Are there other life forms? What do you eat? How do you travel? What is your home like? Are you alone there or are there other people? How did you get to the moon? Who owns the moon?
  • Imagine yourself living a whole day as an animal. Think how that animal must think. Think about interacting with other animals. How do you feel? What do you eat? Do you talk with other animals in your own language or how do you communicate? Where do you live? Do you have a family? Do you work? What activities do you do? Is there a form of government or some type of animal that is in control?
  • Write a description of the room you are in. Give details about every little thing, from the books on the shelf to the tiny crack running along the left corner of the room. Make sure you are very detailed, so detailed that someone reading it would be able to completely visualize the room. You want to give descriptions that reach all five senses. Use colors, smells, textures along with your visual descriptions.

Your thought exercises should well beyond rational thought. The whole idea is to challenge your mind and get it to have to be creative. You want your mind to have to work to come up with answers.

You can create your own thought experiments. Be creative in coming up with them. The process of creating thought experiments is, in itself, a way to stimulate creative thinking.

Some ‘what if’ ideas that you can use:

What if —

  • I lived to be 200 years old?
  • I was born a different race or gender?
  • I lived somewhere else in the world?
  • I had not gone to college or had gone to college?
  • The world was flat?
  • I did/did not have children?
  • There was world peace?
  • Einstein was never born?
  • Animals could talk?
  • I could spend one day with God?

By looking at these examples you can probably now better come up with some of your own. You can feel free to use these examples, too. Just make sure your questions are challenging and something you will really have to think about.

Another thing you can do to help your creative thought is ponder age-old questions or rhetorical questions. Think about things like:

  • God
  • Creation/Evolution
  • Fate/Destiny
  • Coincidence

Here are some common questions that people often ponder that you can use to get your creative mind working:

  • Is there life after death?
  • Is there really a God?
  • Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
  • Which came first – the chicken or the egg?
  • If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?
  • Would an orange be called an orange if it was green?
  • Why isn’t a banana called a yellow or an apple called a red?

You can also challenge your brain by trying to solve old cold cases. If law interests you this may be a perfect idea for you to explore. Find a cold case and see if you can solve it. Besides just stimulating your creative thinking, you may also end up helping someone.

There are so many ways you can stimulate your mind to think creatively. Just allow yourself to think freely and try to find ways to challenge your brain.

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