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Increasing Your Reading Speed Drastically!

Reducing Fixation Time for Speed Reading FREE  Speed Reading Test [Click Here] The minimum length of time needed for a fixation should only be a quarter of a second. By pushing yourself to minimize the time you take until you reach such rate, you will get better at picking up information from very brief and […]

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Ways People Read and Tips to Read Faster

Ways People Read and Tips to Read Faster Our conscious brain takes in 16 bits of information per second, compared to our non-conscious brain that absorbs 11 million bits per second. Can you imagine the difference? That is the reason why we hate to do stuffs consciously  because it does take effort and discipline. Our […]

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Before You Start Speed Reading

Avoid Information Overload! Who Else Wants To Speed Read For Success? Click Here To  Succeed! PCSpeedReadingSoftware.com How many times have you promised yourself to read more but just never found enough time? If only you could do it quickly and more efficiently. Effective and efficient readers learn to use many styles of reading for different […]

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Mind Mapping and Speed Reading

The skill of speed-reading came into being at the start of the 20th century. It became necessary because the influx of publications of every sort into the public consciousness made up a deluge of information that people found hard to cope with when they adhered to normal reading rates. So speed-reading was developed. According to […]

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