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Finding a Problem Solving Method

Not everyone will solve problems in the same way. That is just part of what makes us each unique individuals. However, you can often learn from others and how they solve problems. They may use a technique that is new to you or something that really works and that you’d like to use. Watch how […]

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Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving involves many different skills. The most important skills are outlined below. Creative thinking. You have to be able to think in a creative manner and to se beyond the obvious if you ever want to be a good problem solver. You cannot just stick to the obvious because in most cases that will […]

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Problem Solving Strategies

The art of problem solving involves more than just jumping to the easiest solution. You have to really take time and analyze the problem. You have to come up with various solutions so you can find the perfect solution. You have to really make a conscious effort to solve a problem in a new way […]

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