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Method For Using Mind Mapping to Estimate Project Time

Whether you are a student tasked with allocating time for a research paper, or an employee who has been delegated the job of estimating the schedule for a project, you can definitely benefit from the mind mapping technique when trying to estimate project time. How? Well, what is common between the two scenarios is that […]

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Brainstorming and Group Mind Mapping or Solving Problems

Mind mapping is great for brainstorming during meetings. Though each person can create a unique mind map, it is possible for groups to mind map together. In group mind mapping, each person is allowed to post sub-ideas to the key ideas of the group – no one is vetoed. In the end, this allows more […]

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Mind Mapping and Speed Reading

The skill of speed-reading came into being at the start of the 20th century. It became necessary because the influx of publications of every sort into the public consciousness made up a deluge of information that people found hard to cope with when they adhered to normal reading rates. So speed-reading was developed. According to […]

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Mind Mapping for Children

There is a growing movement nowadays among educators who are familiar with the benefits of mind mapping, to try to apply it to educating children. Is this advisable? Michael Tipper is a speed-reading instructor who also teaches mind mapping to children. He says that the approach of the teacher should be based on the age […]

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Enjoying Literature and Drama through Mind Mapping

Do you ever wish you could enjoy works of literature more? Or would you like to go to the theater and improve your comprehension of the plot of the play you are watching? Perhaps you have seen a wonderful movie but wish you could tell the story to your friends in your own words afterwards. […]

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More Mind Mapping Applications You Might Not Think Of

      Mind Maps For Making Plans The mind map is not a plan but you can create a plan using a mind map. When you are developing a plan, make sure to group certain ‘tree branches’ together (it helps to number these too.) This guarantees that the steps of your plan are interrelated. […]

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