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Learn more effectively – Encourage Learning by taking on a new Hobby

Learn To Learn >> The process of learning should always be a way of life for you. As you continue to learn you also help your brain to expand and to be healthier. Instead of spending your life wishing you had taken the time to engage in certain activities learn another language, learn an instrument…, […]

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Memory Techniques We Use To Improve Recall

All the memory devices we are considering help to produce ways of putting data together so it makes it much simpler for us to recall it. 1. Group If you have to recall big groups of numbers or things, then divide them into much littler units. For instance, if you need a very long number, […]

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How To Use Affiliation To Improve Your Memory

Our memory works by recalling matters through affiliation. What this means is that each piece of data we have in our memory is connected to a different piece in one way or another. I’ll start out with simple examples. If you were given the word, suppose, “apple”, and then you might do something like this […]

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