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Healthy Diet Will Improve Intellect (10 Super Brain Foods)

There are many foods that help improve the memory power. Consuming these foods not only greatly enhances the memory power of an individual, but assists all round growth of the individual. It is recommended that people consume a healthy diet to maintain a level of intelligence. There are natural products without any artificial additives that […]

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How to Improve Your Child’s Intelligence

Improving your child’s intelligence should start at childbirth. Parents want what’s best for their children. They would do everything to make their children’s lives more comfortable and let their kids have everything they want in life. Most importantly, they dream of their kids having a better future and being able to live comfortably as adults. […]

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Nurture, Develop and Encourage Your Child’s IQ

Once a baby is born and parents are told that they have given birth to a healthy and beautiful child, they wonder about his or her IQ. They want to make sure his intellectual abilities and capabilities are both strong and well developed in order to be able to lead a successful and happy life […]

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Even Increase Baby IQ Child Intelligence

Train Your Child’s Brain “I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.” – Dr. Seuss Helping your child develop his/her brain starts in the womb. The baby’s body is not the only thing growing and developing in the womb, the brain is working away as well. That’s why special care must be taken from […]

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How to Improve Concentration in Children

What can we do to enhance their brain function and thought processes? What are the factors that will enhance memory, stabilize moods and activate intelligence? Fish Oil – by now we all know about Omega 3 fish oils and how good it is for our brain, body and health. Omega 3 contains DHA which is […]

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