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Exactly what is Intelligence? The Nature of Genius and The best ways to Acquire It

When much of us consider enhancing brain health, exactly what we are actually thinking about is enhancing our intelligence. If we end up being more smart, then we can fix issues, work more effectively and typically end up being more skilled at practically any type of obstacle. And this is especially real when you think […]

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Deep Thinking Technique

Deep Thinking Anyone who is familiar with the life and work of Albert Einstein could tell you that this esteemed physicist had a deep thinking technique that absolutely worked well for him. Einstein dubbed this technique ‘thought experiments’, and though it was not his own method, it worked extremely well for him. Thought experiments were […]

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Brain Music – Affect of Music on the Brain

Brain Music Music appears to be processed in the right hemisphere of the brain. The way we experience music also affects our nervous system. There are different neurons that respond according to what kind of music is playing. Music can effect hormones, encourage the production of cortisol, testosterone, and oxytocin. Brain Music can even trigger […]

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Genius Thinking Mindset Kit

Genius Thinking >> The word “genius” is not by any means a technical term, but when we speak of genius Thinking individuals, we’re thinking of people who go far beyond what is considered ordinary in various domains. And in many cases these geniuses show their capacity for genius thinking at a very young age. One […]

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Creativity – The First Cousin to Genius

  What exactly is the difference between the mind of a genius and the mind of an ordinary person? Michael Michalko, in his book Cracking Creativity, says he thinks the difference is that geniuses know “how” to think, instead of “what” to think. This enables them to create completely new concepts and say to themselves […]

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Intelligence – IQ Increases With Simple Technique

Intelligence Most people believe that intelligence cannot be increased. They say that intelligence is genetic or that education is the key, or that you’ll never be smart etc etc. But the truth is, intelligence will always be increased if you know how. In fact, did you know that simple techniques can increase your IQ to […]

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