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Audio Visual BreakThrough in Brain Fitness Technology based on Brain Stimulation

This brain science based mental fitness technology incorporates the latest audio and visual brain building training. Mental processing power, memory and focus have proven to be almost immediate improvements and in addition many benefits of brain wave stimulation including increased blood flow to targeted areas of the brain. More basic benefits of brain exercise and […]

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Hidden Brain Podcast Review – Harnessing the Power of Our Brain’s Unconscious Mind

A brand new NPR podcast, Hidden Brain, reveals the unseen patterns in our lives, where our unconscious mind plays a phenomenal role in our day to day behavior. The magic of this podcast is that simply learning about the hidden forces that shape our perceptions, behaviors and thoughts can provide the insight needed to change […]

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Exercises for Your Brain in the New Year, New Brain: 11 Exercises To Sharpen Your Thoughts

  Many want and will benefit greatly from exercises for your brain. This article recommends great exercises to sharpen your brain We’re facing a contemporary epidemic of chronic illness unlike something humans have ever experienced. A billion people worldwide are suffering from diabetes and obesity. Six-hundred thousand people die in &nbspRead CrossFit could be the […]

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High-Tech for Brain Training: Top 12 News in 2014 | Alvaro Fernandez

Unless you live in a cave, you are well aware of all the growing interest in, and controversies around, the topic of brain training, especially whether technology can enhance — or hinder — our brain health and cognitive performance. Here are some of the most important brain training news in 2014, covering research, assessment and […]

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