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Brain Activity – Can Aromatherapy Stimulate your Brain Activity?

Brain Activity – Brain Functioning>> There are many different ways that people choose to stimulate their brain activity. One of them that seems to be getting a great deal of attention these days is called aromatherapy. This involves lighting candles or heating up oils with various types of scents on them. These scents will trigger […]

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Brain Balance

Brain Balance What is it Say the words brain balance and also you will likely receive a blank look from many people. Though the term isn’t widely known, science is exhibiting that genuine measurable brain balance is vitally important to a happier, healthier and more gratifying existence. The brain may be the most complex system […]

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Left Brain, Right Brain and Your Creativity

Left Brain, Right Brain “The chief function of your body is to carry your brain around.” – Thomas Edison There is an old joke that says if the left half of the brain is dominant in right-handed people and the right half is dominant in left-handed people, then left-handed people are the only ones in […]

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The Brain and Its Functions – an Introduction

“The brain is a monstrous, beautiful mess. Its billions of nerve cells-called neurons-lie in a tangled web that displays cognitive powers far exceeding any of the silicon machines we have built to mimic it.” – William F. Allman Your brain is the anterior or front part of your central nervous system, and is the primary […]

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