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Brain Fitness Training Online from Brain HQ … Try FREE

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    Brain Fitness Training Online – When it comes to brain fitness training, BrainHQ is best in class. Built by a team of top neuroscientists, with exercises proven in dozens of published studies to make real and lasting improvements in brain function, BrainHQ is your personal brain gym.

    Knowing about your brain can help you appreciate all it does for you–and it can help you understand the benefits of learning to boost cognitive performance with brain training exercises at BrainHQ

    You can learn more or try BrainHQ for free right now Click Here

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    Brain Training Your Way

    When it comes to brain training, each unique brain—and each unique lifestyle—requires something a little different. The BrainHQ exercises dynamically adapt to your individual performance, so you’re always working at the right level for you. Plus, BrainHQ is designed to fit your schedule, help you understand and track your performance, and guide you to improve in the abilities that matter most to you.

    You can learn more or try BrainHQ for free right now Click Here


    World Class Science

    Creating brain training exercises that meet the highest standards of scientific design and testing is our primary goal at BrainHQ. If you look carefully, you’ll find that no other program comes close to BrainHQ’s level of scientific rigor.

    BrainHQ is the result of years of effort by leading scientists from around the world, who have given their input and energy to create a distinctive, rigorous approach to training your brain. Perhaps even more importantly, the BrainHQ exercises have been proven to bring real, lasting changes to cognitive function in over 100 published scientific papers (and counting). These changes include better memory, faster visual and auditory processing, and sharper attention—but they also include more confidence, safer driving, happier mood, better health outcomes, and many other benefits for everyday life. If you’re evaluating brain fitness programs based on evidence of efficacy, there is simply no comparison—BrainHQ has them all beat by a mile.  

    You can try BrainHQ for free right now . Or, to learn more at their website  about their co-founder and science leader Dr. Michael Merzenich, browse dozens of published studies, or see what our scientists are working on now, use the links below.


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