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Audio Visual BreakThrough in Brain Fitness Technology based on Brain Stimulation

This brain science based mental fitness technology incorporates the latest audio and visual brain building training. Mental processing power, memory and focus have proven to be almost immediate improvements and in addition many benefits of brain wave stimulation including increased blood flow to targeted areas of the brain. More basic benefits of brain exercise and stimulation produce neural pathways increase growth, can reduce negative thoughts, negative feelings, lower harmful stress levels plus peak mental performance. Encouraging the production of brain chemicals that “are commonly referred to as ”feel good” chemicals. Given time many of the short-term benefits transcend into long-term benefits as passive brain fitness has cumulative benefits.

The science that this passive brain fitness is based on, brainwave stimulation audio and now video, is accepted science and the scientific community with reliable research and being “peer reviewed”. Our brains are constantly emitting electrical impulses varying that indicate what a person is experiencing. Measuring brainwave activity is not new as successful studies have existed for over 100 years and data from EEG studies or electroencephalography technology has provided lessons on how the brain works. More specifically, since the normal frequency is between 0.5 cps ranging to approximately 120 cps that is received by the stimuli, this technology achieves a step up from brain entrainment that matches the frequencies and follows them in a mapping of the brain. Brain stimulation is different than brainwave entrainment which uses rhythmic stimuli allowing the brain to mimic brainwave frequencies and achieve different states of mind.

Also combining both audio and video, one benefits from precise stimulation of audio that causes brain signals to communicate and travel between both hemispheres and even causing what can be categorized as subconscious reactions, while the information that enters your eyes have shown that up to 40% of the cerebral cortex is influenced strongly and stimulated.

Brain stimulation is different as it provides essential frequencies for a healthy brain using in the same frequencies that show improvement benefits such as experienced in anxiety reduction, improved mood, mental performance and other benefits seen with brainwave stimulation. This passive brain fitness technology provide stimulation giving frequency ranges beneficial allowing response from the brain to those frequencies.

Different states of consciousness whether being wide-awake focus intently, or whether you are in a deep sleep will produce distinctly different brainwaves and brainwave patterns. One can receive optimal effects as the brain reacts to visually stunning stimuli in not only training the brain to forming new neurological pathways but in utilizing these neural pathways.

What Jeffrey Gignac is advancing in this new proprietary science is simply genius and will benefit people worldwide. Not only is this science being utilized to enhance elevated levels of optimizing brain functioning improving mental performance quickly but in relaxation, helping achieving goals, relieving harmful stress, anxiety reduction, creative thinking , improving sleep, achieving success . At his website , you can learn more about the technology plus download free audio and video recordings . These are not just samples but complete recordings you can use daily for brain enhancement and stimulation as needed. To learn more about the technology, visit Jeffrey’s website free video and try it here

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Leon Edward helps people keep their brain healthy and shares ways to improve brain power, improve focus, concentration, memory, creativity, increase intelligence, even learn to speed read and process information faster.

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