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Accelerated Learning Technique Is Simple To Use

Accelerated Learning is a very complete method, but here I’m going to explain one technique taken from the larger method.  This technique is extremely useful for memorizing – lists, vocabulary words in a foreign language, anatomical terms, historical facts and dates, etc.

For example, organize a list of biology terms you want to learn with their definitions.  For each item on your list , follow the rhythm of four seconds reading the item aloud or silently followed by  four seconds of silence. This will give it time to penetrate into your mind and memory. During this time, you should keep your attention fixed on the thing you’re learning. When you’ve finished reading your list, then you go back to the beginning of your list and do the same thing over again a second time but add music to the background. But not just any music. It must be music taken from the baroque period that will allow improved focus yet calming and it must be a largo movement, that is, around 60 beats per minute. Play it at a low but distinct volume, and while this music is playing in the background, go through your list in the same way you did the first time. Test yourself after, you will probably be amazed with the results. There are variations of this with timeing changes and the number of items that can improve performance too. For list variation,  I would suggest 20 or 25 to start with, and then adjust up or down, depending on whatever works best for you. For example, the list may be too long if you find that you don’t learn the items at the end, so then you could try doing fewer items at one time.  After some practice, you may find that you can do more at one time. And if there are a few items that you didn’t learn the first time, no problem! Just apply the same process again to the remaining items.

It’s also helpful before you start to do some kind of relaxation exercise, such as deep breathing, and also to remind yourself that you are capable of learning all of these items quickly and easily remembering if you are too skeptical, then your results may not be as good.
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What is sad is to realize that Accelerated Learning was developed in the 1970’s, and it has been used by thousands of people in various contexts and proven to be effective and still today most people do not know about it, and it has not received the attention it deserves from educational systems.

Accelerated Learning Techniques

Accelerated Learning Techniques
By Brian Tracy and Colin Rose

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